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Exterior Landscape Lighting for Residential/Commercial Lighting Design

The best way to light outdoor spaces after dark, LED landscape lighting utilizes the trees, plants, and other natural elements to accent your home and make it easier to enjoy it in the evening.

Smart/Wi-Fi/Bluetooth Color
Changing Lights

Tired of dealing with tangled Christmas lights every year. We can install smart color changing bulbs that will allow you to change the color of the white light from yellow to bright white and even the entire color spectrum Red, Green, Blue and White (RGBW)

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Bistro Lights.jpg

Bistro/Café String Lights

One of the biggest trends in outdoor lighting here in the Cincinnati area is café lighting, or string lighting. With our warm climate, an increasing number of people are looking for ways to get the most from their outdoor spaces, and adding string lighting is a simple yet effective way to enhance ambiance and add a festive flair.

Outdoor Landscape Audio

Landscape Audio Installation in Cincinnati…

There’s nothing like going outside, sitting down in your garden or by your pool, and listening to music that resonates with your soul. For anyone looking to hear music play crisply and clearly outdoors, Lighten Up Lighting has the solution for you.

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